Professionally known as Jenniemyma (pronounced Jeh-nee-My-Mah) AKA Jennie Sutherland,

Is an established UK based ink artist and illustrator, creating intricate, hand drawn fine art illustrations, inspired by her world travels, life and the natural environment.

Jenniemyma has produced, original commissions, designs for products and fashion and is currently focussed on collaborating with other brands, retailers and hospitality as well as producing her homeware range, surface design and art for interiors.

The name 'Jenniemyma' was given to her by her husband, a 'pet' name and gesture towards her qualities, her uniqueness that makes Jennie who she truly is as a person. It was fitting for this name to become Jennie's artistic name.

CHARITIES SUPPORTED. Jenniemyma's brand supports mental health charities as well as giving back to nature through reforestation projects.

" It's so important for me that my art is purposeful and helps to inspire and make a difference. Being able to help good causes around the world for people and the planet. This is the core of my work, art truly helps the mind and my art wouldn't be what it is today if it not for the inspiration from nature"



Coming from an artistic background, Jenniemyma attended art college before embarking on a career as a dancer and choreographer in the early 2000's. Jenniemyma has travelled all over the world and her experiences and immersion in different natural environments, particularly in India have influenced her art, finding deeper creative meaning and giving each piece its own inspirational story. Dance enabled Jenniemyma to explore her talent in other ways and introduced her to costume design and Mehndi. In 2013 began developing her art style.

Jenniemyma had always been interested in holistic therapies and used mindfulness to help focus on her art process. This led to Jenniemyma exploring a deeper connection and studying yoga and forest therapy which cemented her connection to her art style and enhanced her latest works.

As an experienced teacher Jenniemyma had always used her teaching skills over the years working with all age groups in education as well as complex and acute mental health patients in residential clinics. Jenniemyma uses her art style mixed with mindfulness technique to teach as an emotional release and relaxation in her art masterclasses and even events and gallery competitions.

To hire Jenniemyma for an event, collaboration or commission, get in touch info@artistjenniemyma.com