Boutique Hotels • Restaurants • Bars and Clubs • Independant Stores • Salons and Spas

• Property Staging • Show Homes • Property Developers • Architects • Interior Designers

• Window Displays • Trade and Wholesale

Boutique Hotels

Jenniemyma offers a bespoke service providing commissioned fine art, surface design pieces and unique installations


Providing the design process by hand, installation, framing and finishing.

Bars and Clubs

Large scale commissions or wall murals on request

Independant Stores

Any size, surface, hand drawn original or printed

Salons and Spas

A selection of finishes and textures to suit room humidity and waterproofing.

Property Staging

Fine Art for Hire, short term contracts

Show Homes

Collections of art to suit your interior scheme across multiple sites

Property Developers

Providing Staging services within the developers design theme based around a collection


Bespoke ideas and designs to incorporate art into building structures and exterior

Interior Designers

Collaborating with designers to produce a vision and create key pieces to a space

Window Display

Creating eye catching temporary displays with a selection of materials and finishings

Trade and Wholesale

Working with Clients Worldwide.

Contact us with your ideas and to arrange an appointment to discuss